Our First Bridle Join

This year we are taking our gardening to the next level. We are timber framing. the two actually go together nicely. Through timber framing you can expand your garden, and gardening provides a great opportunity for timber framing. There is a natural synergy between the plants and the wood. The garden has an energy. It is a living, growing organism kind of like our bees, and we are the caretakers. Natural infrastructure supports this living energy.

This year I am hands on in the build, too. Unlike the herb garden that was built and then given to me to take care of. I've done a good job maintaining it, but I've also felt the need to leave my mark. As each summer progresses, it gradually becomes littered with platic - gnomes and fairy lights and whatnot. This has been apoint of contention betwen me and my spouse. But as I help with the timber frame for the new bed, I understand things a bit better. I won't need to clutter up this new bed with such things. I am building it. I am taking onwership from the start, and it will have my mark.

Taking care of plants is a pleasure and a privilege. This new bed will be for vegetables - tomatoes and zucchini and peas. The timber framing is legitimate work. Both contribute to my overall health and well being. They are the ultimate collaboration between me and my spouse - a brilliant opportunity for us to collaborate and quite literally build our life together. It will be some weeks before we are done, but this new raised bed will be mine. Even without the fairy lights.

In closing, here is a slide show of our first bridle join. Many, many more to follow.

Reflections on Beekeeping

You read about the decline of the honey bee. You see the posts on Facebook and Twitter of the foods we will lose without pollinators. You learn that bees are ending up on endangered species lists. You stop using certain fertilizers in your garden to help protect them and still they are dying. If you look around your property and see a lot of open space, maybe you do something else.

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Getting Into the Garden

A couple of years ago, I started a garden. I did it very quietly, very privately. Although my intent was to share it through this blog, those first couple of years were actually a very private journey for me. I started the garden to give me something to take care of, to help me reconnect with the outside world, to claim a space in my domestic life, to have someplace of my own. Gardening is good for that.

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Thinking of Spring......

This is the year we put in our garden. We did a lot of work last year clearing out the overgrowth on our mostly wooded lot. When spring rolls around this year, we'll be ready to go. We're starting with a small herb garden in the back yard. Here is a photo of our model.