Hey, food is good!

Mary is an amateur photographer who married an excellent cook. Mary's Food Journal started as a group on Facebook for Mary to share the wonderful meals her counterpart creates with her friends. It quickly evolved into a blog of recipes and cooking techniques ranging from basic "how-to" guides to traditional Olde World cooking with a wide variety in between. Striving to make the incredible possible in the average home kitchen, and with plenty of photos to help, Mary's message is that the art of creating food is within your reach, often with the tools and ingredients you have on hand.


And creating good food is easy!

Gareth is a hobbyist cook with a restaurant background. He specializes in French provincial, Mediterranean, and Americana cooking techniques, but has also experimented with Indian cuisine, tapas, and some modernist techniques. He acquires most of his ingredients and tools at Wal-Mart, demonstrating that you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the right approach.