I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart last week when my sweet tooth bit, and I decided to check out the bakery section for carrot cake. While I did not find any actual cake, I did find carrot cake whoopee pies. At first, I thought this was just another example of how I can always find almost what I want at Wal-Mart but never what I'm really looking for, but after an additional moment of consideration, I tossed some in the cart.

I was not entirely disappointed. The carrot cake was typical grocery store delivered-frozen-and-then-baked-fresh cake with a pleasantly spicy flavor and just a hint of nuttiness. The cream cheese icing was also standard, but it's hard to mess up this icing. The real selling point of the carrot cake whoopee pie, though, is the cake-to-icing ratio - a full 2:1, meaning that 30% of each bite is all sugary icing goodness. A few hours in the fridge sets the icing firm so is doesn't ooze out the sides - better ensuring maximum icing distribution.

Overall, for a grocery store carrot cake, this was good. As a concept for serving carrot cake, the whoopee pie is superior and just the right size to satisfy.