Frenched Rack of Lamb

In recent weeks my counterpart has turned once again to French cooking. Aiolis are giving way to wine-based cream sauces and pans are deglaced with glee. We've dabbled with game as well, eating partridge and rabbit over the holidays. As the work week started up again and we returned to our day-to-day routine, the French influence has remained in the kitchen. Earlier in the week, lamb (a standard in our current diet) was given a French makeover when it was bundled with fresh rosemary and roasted in a similar manner to our New Year's rabbit. We chose a rack of ribs for our dinner.

A note on Frenching: This is not as exciting as it may first appear. When meat is Frenched, the butcher removes the meat surrounding the rib bone by vigorously pulling a string between the meat and the bone. Here's a helpful video for more information.

First season the lamb with a little salt and pepper. Then bundle it up with some fresh rosemary sprigs.

Pan sear the rack in hot oil, flipping after a few minutes.

Place it on a rack in a heavy skillet and roast in the oven until medium rare. While the meat is in the oven, make your vegetable medley. We used shoestringed green beans with a little leek, red pepper and fresh oregano and sauteed them with a little chicken stock and white wine.

Pull the rack and remove the rosemary bundle. Using your kitchen tongs in this process is very chefy. Try to remove as much of the rosemary as possible.  I got a bite with a hidden twig still attached and it was quite the flavor experience.

Slice the rack into individual ribs.

Serve with your vegetable medley and a little orzo.