30-Minute Lamb for a Monday Night

It's Monday. And, oh, what a Monday! You get home late from work. You want dinner in 30 minutes or less. The only thing defrosted is a leg of lamb. What do you do?

You do this:

1.  Cut the lamb off the bone in large hunks. Season the hunks of meat with ground red pepper, salt, a little cumin, and cognac. (And, here I have to add what my counterpart pointed out: people who do not cook lamb miss a great opportunity to season the hell out of meat. Lamb is robust. It can take it.)

2. Cook the lamb in a nice oil over medium heat, making sure to at least sear the outside. We are partial to grape seed oil, but tonight my counterpart tried the newly-purchased pumpkin seed oil. (It just smells happy - more on this to come.)

3. Saute a little vegetable medley to go on the side and s

erve with crusty bread.