Shwarma, Charm City Style

This has been a long,  hard work week for me. When Friday lunch rolled around, I wanted something that would put a smile on my face. And what  better food choice than shwarma. Shwarma is a happy word. Just saying it make me smile.

When the Charm City Gourmet food truck pulled up along side my office building again for the second Friday in a row, I was pleased to find this Middle Eastern classic among the new items on the menu. Nestled in a deep, American-style pita pocket coated with tahini, the Charm City beef shwarma is tender and juicy and spicy. Charm City Gourmet also adds what they call Israeli salad, a relish of diced tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and peppers with a confetti of parsley that is uniformly mixed among the meat throughout the sandwich. A little tzaziki and a little spicy red pepper sauce were the perfect crown. It was just what I needed.

If Charm City Gourmet successfully pulls in the old Silver Platter crowd and becomes a regular fixture on Fridays, I will  definitely be trying the other new offerings.

Shwarma happiness